Home Security System: A History of Progression

Your home security system in Miami might be just as sturdy lock on your front and back doors. But considering the facts that your risk of burglary and theft in Miami is nearly twice the national average and that Miami is less safe than 96% of cities in the United States, you may want to rethink just how secure your home security system is. IMG_0231_2Home security is only as good as you make it, and just how secure it needs to be depends on the crime rate in your area. Since Miami is not a particularly safe place against property crime, it’s better to be prepared than taken unawares. Let’s look at how home security over the centuries has brought us to the fantastic systems we have today.


Door locks have been around since at least 600 B.C. They’ve been used by Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Romans, and all kinds of other peoples who have long since gone the way of all the earth. But door locks in today’s home security system can be automatic locks, they can be electronic door locks, they can be smartphone locks, and more. Gone are the days when we had only the chain lock, deadbolt, or padlock. Now we have home security locks that are automatically locked 24/7 unless you give a very specific personalized access code to them. You can even increase security to forbid entry unless you are trying to get in at a certain predetermined time of the day or day of the week.


In Ancient India, they used a makeshift surveillance method using a water stepwell called a baoli to reflect those who were trying to enter.827585_75890335 It was a way of watching them without them watching you. And then in the late 1960s, Marie Brown invented the first closed circuit television surveillance system. Her home security system utilized a slide camera and peepholes to peer out at individuals and know who was trying to come in without them knowing they were being watched. Now we have home security system video surveillance. Home security cameras may be hidden cameras that no one will suspect. They might be pan tilt zoom cameras that you can use to look every which way and to zoom in on unsuspecting criminals to get a good look at their face.

Home Alarms

In the mid-1800s, the first home alarm system was created by a man named Pope with the use of magnets securing a door. If the door was opened, the magnets sent an electrical charge to the “alarm” bell to ring and alert the homeowner. While it wasn’t perfect (the bell would stop ringing the moment the door was closed), it paved the way for the modern home alarm. A home security system today will have multiple alarms set up this way, except today’s alarms will continue to sound or alert you until you personally reset them.

Monitoring Services

The late 1800s brought us a man named Calahan, who devised the first central monitoring station for the home security system and used telegraph communication to contact it. Today, we have broadband security, VoIP security, landline security, wireless security, cellular security – we have many different ways of communicating between our home security system and our central monitoring station. Monitoring services remain an essential part of home security in the modern world.

Each of these home security products or security system parts plays an essential role in maintaining the security of your home. In a place like Miami where home security is very much needed, you need home security to be reliable to keep you and yours safe from intruders. Call (866)-565-4305 to speak to a professional home security representative and find out how they can help you put together a home security system that will work for your needs.