Cell Phone Security System – Remote Access Control

Privacy concept Secure Access on smartphone 459675771The cell phone security system is rapidly turning into the security system of choice for homeowners across the country. When you’ve got your cell phone in your pocket or purse wherever you and you’re constantly pulling it out to check messages and emails, why shouldn’t you take even greater advantage of it and let it help you with your home security? That’s the secret about cellular home security – that it’s made so that you can manage your home security right from your cell phone. Home security companies will run their cellular home security systems in slightly different ways, but at the heart of the matter, they’re all using cell phone technology to secure our homes. One of the main ways in which a cell phone security system benefits you over other security system connections is through remote access control directly from your cell phone.

What is Remote Access Control?

When you break up the phrase “remote access control”, it’s easy to pick apart the meaning. Remote access control becomes essentially “way of getting into and using power to change things from a distance”. And that is exactly what this means. With remote access control, a cell phone home security system can be controlled by you as the authorized homeowner (who has permission to access it) from a distant location, whether that’s the office downtown or your in-laws’ house a few states over. You can remotely access and control the system.

Access What?

What exactly can you access with a cell phone security system? Basically, the entire system. But what this really means and what it really comes down into is that you can view video surveillance (live or recorded) surveillance, view the transaction log for your electronic door locks, and more. Home automation 4 468692317As the homeowner, you have a right to know exactly what’s going on and where it’s happening in your home, and that is what remote access grants to you when you’re not physically at home. Additionally, having the access on your cell phone means that you will have evidence on your phone of what happened at your house in case you need to prove the robbery in a legal case.

Control What?

What can you control with your cell phone security system? With the cell phone’s remote access control, you can control features like camera feeds and settings. For example, you can use your remote access control to make your pan tilt zoom camera move around and zoom in when you’re not sure who that person is who’s trying to get in your front door. You can also reset the system or reconfigure things from a distance if you wish.

What Else Can It Do for You?

With remote access control, your cell phone security system can also alert you instantly whenever there’s a problem at home. Someone could break a window and get into your house while you’re gone, but unless you have a glass break sensor that will alert you or your monitoring service, you’d have no idea how they got in. Yet if you do have a glass break sensor or if you have video surveillance and motion detectors, your remote access control will notify you via your cell phone that someone has broken a window to get into your house. You can set up your cell phone security system to send you a text message, a multimedia message, an email, or even a phone call to get your attention at that moment.

Remote access control is a great deal with any security system. But with a cell phone security system, it’s the most convenient of all because you don’t have to get all new home security products – just use the phone you already have to view what your security cameras are viewing. That is what cell phone home security can do for you.