Choosing between a Wireless Home Security System and a Wired Home Security System

Choosing between a wired home security system and a wireless home security system is in many ways like choosing between a landline and a cell phone. Landlines are more secure and reliable, but cell phones offer additional features and flexibility. The main difference there is that your home is stationary, whereas you are a person that lives and breathes and moves. So while a cell phone might be more ideal for you as you move about in the world, the flexibility is not as necessary for a four walled building that doesn’t get up and go anywhere. Still, the debate is not over there. Here is a bit about the wired security system and the wireless home security system and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Wired Home Security System

A wired home security system is a system that is set up with wiring throughout your house. You start the project of installation by deciding whether you want to install new wiring or depend upon the wiring already running through your house. With new wiring, you then draft an initial plan for where you want all your home securityTyping alarm code 187979771 products and where you want your control panel to be located. If you decide to go with the old wiring, you’re going to be limited on where you can place the security devices and sensors, but it is the more affordable option. And then the home security professionals with their tools and resources will come in and install the wiring and system for you. This, obviously, will cost a fair amount of money for both the wiring and the labor service. But in the end, a landline home security system will provide you with more stability and reliability than a wireless home security system would. That is, provided that no criminal comes to cut the wires and disable the system so they can break in undetected, which does happen sometimes but is less of a worry than you might think.

Wireless Home Security System

Of course, a wireless home security system does not have wiring to be installed in your home. This saves a fair amount of money for installation services because you can probably do it yourself if you know how to read and follow instructions. cell-174426932Unfortunately, though, wireless security is less reliable than wired security for that very reason – because there are no wires keeping it stable. A network that relies on airwaves can cut out on occasion, and it can be hacked. But these days, home security companies will claim that the wireless home security system is as reliable as the wired home security system, so that may not be a major concern. And in addition, the fact that it is wireless means that you cannot have any criminals coming to cut the wires and disable your home security system.

One system is not necessarily better than the other for all individual homeowners because homeowners each have different needs. Your neighbor may care more about guaranteed reliability and less about the cost while you may care more about the cost and are less worried about guaranteed reliability. Consider your assets and what your home really needs, how great the risk of burglary is in your area, and use that information to help you decide on whether you should choose to go with a wired home security system or a wireless home security system for your home.